Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Welcome To Dr. Braino's Website

Dr. Braino is your guide to the "Pain Epidemic."

The "Pain Epidemic" spreads daily as the war on the "Opioid Epidemic" kills off access to the most effective painkillers available to those suffering from the ravages of pain.

Federal government agencies – DEA, FDA, NIH – and state government agencies have scared doctors and clinics out of prescribing their most effective painkillers. Doctors are accused by the government of being the criminals, who are causing the opioid epidemic, because of doctors "over-prescribing" pain pills, their "greed," and, their "pill mills." The doctors are blamed, but they aren't the problem. THE GOVERNMENT IS THE PROBLEM.

The government is issuing new regulations to give the government agencies more control over how doctors treat patients when prescribing opioids. Doctors are afraid of losing their licenses over violating the new regulations on prescribing opioid drugs, such as oxycontin and hydrocodone.

People who need painkillers are feeling ignored, abandoned, and hurting.

Dr. Braino "feels your pain."

He is the only one who can help you understand your own situation since the government declared its "War on the Brain." By focusing on getting rid of the opioid drugs, the government is writing off millions of Americans who suffer from chronic pain Their opioid medications are all that is keeping them from seeking cheaper priced heroin to enable them to endure the ravages of chronic pain.